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hey lena! the marching band vest is to die for. i have been seacihrng something like that for months! tell me if you find something cheaper. haha. i hope you feel better soon. canb4t get enough of your outfit posts! and p.s. i voted for you! would you add me to your links? would forever be thankful!SVAR: Yeah I know! Have you thought about a DIY? (: I have all these plans, but I can't seem to find the time to do it.Thank you so much for the vote and kind words! Lucklily I'm feeling well allready. I think it was just something that passed by as quick as it came. Maybe because I was really tired. I'm adding you to links (: Best wishes for 2009!

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sidfaiwu, But I am curious. While I know a lot about Catholicism and Protestantism, I know very lltite about Orthodox Christianity. How is it different from the other two major branches? You asked a very profound question. I'll try to answer, but please understand that your question is bigger than life and I might not be able to describe all the angles of this issue.Russian Orthodox Church is very similar to Catholic Church except the following:1. They believe in God's predestination . We believe in a free will of man who was created according to God's image and likeness. We believe it's us who punish themselves and predestine themselves, not God.2. They believe in the Pope as a representative of God on Earth, we do not believe that God can be represented by any human.Unlike Protestants, both Orthodox and Catholic Churches believe that what happened 2000 years ago is not in the past, that people can and should grow spiritually to become like their Father. Because Jesus said: Be perfect as your heavenly Father . This is cruel live of God for people. You see, people attribute God with their qualities while God attribute people with His qualities. He expects us to be like Him. Some people achieve this level, we call them and worship them as saints. Protestants do not believe in saints. They also do not worship Mother of God and teach that She was just a woman . We believe that she was not just a woman, but the woman who deserved to be a Mother of God because She was sinless.These are basic differences, but not all of them.

Postet av: Malvern at Desember 7, 2012 6:23 EM

That's an inetliglent answer to a difficult question xxx

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