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Plenty of people HAVE taken the time to doelvep male hormonal contraceptives, including an oral contraceptive pill and a monthly injection similar to Depo-Provera, but they are still in testing to iron out bugs that might cause permanent infertility. The male pill may be as much as 5 years away still. I've never been interested in IUDs. I'm on the pill, and once spoke to my doctor about alternatives, but she said if the pill was working it was best not to mess with it. I like the pill. I like knowing when my period will start (no nasty surprises) and I'm not interested in a method than means no periods, because then how do I know fo sure I haven't got a period because it's working rather than because I'm pregnant? (yeah, OK, control freak here ). I like that it controls my acne (31 and still bad acne at least it'll be a while before I get wrinkles!). I like that it reduces other symptoms, like cramping, breast tenderness and heavy bleeding.I wouldn't touch Implanon with a ten foot barge pole. too many women I've known who used it had problems, like significant (and almost impossible to shift) weight gain and then 12 months + for a cycle to normalise to fall pregnant.

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