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I was in Grünerløkka the other day: to me, it is like Mogadishu Central.
I can tell you that if I walk around there at night, I feel like walking at pretty much the speed of light.

Postet av: Milla at April 15, 2009 12:31 FM

You were, Milla?! Maybe we passed eachother on the street? :) I'm there all the time (even though I hate it in a way, because of the new flashy hipness). Many of my family members live there, and my grandmother moved there one year ago, aged 82. :)

When I used to live there, in the early nineties, the place was considered to be bad by lots of people. But now it's one of Oslos hippest places. And that bothers me more, that the old character is gone.

But of course there are areas that is less safe. Anywai, I never feel unsafe walking around in Oslo, night or day.

Postet av: Kristiane at April 25, 2009 7:52 EM

Ah ah, maybe? I was with Nik who is full of piercings and tattoos and a blond lady with a big camera.

Ahh then it has become like Notting Hill Gate: I moved to NGH in 1993 and lived there until 2002 and while at the beginning it was a dump, by the end of 2002 (and now) it had become a place for the rich and for the trendy -so I HAD to move out of there ah ah ah!! The rents ahd gone up by 300%!

I think anywhere in Oslo is quite safe compared to some parts of London; I live in the western side of an area called Dagenham, which is NOTORIOUS for its ugliness and for the chavs. But even Dagenham is changing, thank the gods for that.

Beautiful pictures of Spain, by the way.

Postet av: Milla at April 27, 2009 2:24 EM


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